DigiTech JamMan Solo HD Review


It’s been a few years since it was announced that DigiTech would be resurrected following its acquisition by Cor-Tek, maker of Cort guitars. Other than the DOD Overdrive Preamp 250, we haven’t exactly had the reissue number fresh guitar pedals guitarists may have waited. As a huge DigiTech fan, I still have my fingers crossed for a Space Station reissue, but it was with excitement that I got my hands on the all-new DigiTech JamMan Solo HD.

While there are many loop pedal around, not all are created equal. The JamMan in particular is sought after for its ability to preload loops making it great for adding some oomph to your live show. You can still get the XT second-hand, but at around twelve years old, it’s getting long in the tooth now.

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