Today’s NYT Connections Tips and Answers (Friday, July 5)


Want a link suggestion today? Building on the monumental success of the daily Wordle puzzle game, the New York Times has another fantastically popular word game out now. It’s called Connections, and if you haven’t played it before, now is the time to start.

In this guide, we’ll give you a handy selection of hints for today’s Friday 5th July Connections puzzle, before revealing the group themes and the Connections answers themselves. We’ll also explain how to play Connections if this is your first time coming from Wordle!

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Linking Words Friday, July 5th

For reference, here are the 16 Link words for today:

yen Bond Crazy Power
euros O P wealth
Tall M K Pine
gum Nature The desire mite

Moving links for July 5th

Here’s a hint for each of the word groups in today’s Connections puzzle, plus some other clues to help you find the answer:

  • Yellow (lightest): A longing or desire for something.
  • Green (light): These words are all names of famous publications.
  • Blue (medium): These words are all names of characters from a famous series of spy movies.
  • Purple (harder): These words all come before the word for a light noise.
  • Additional tip 1: Four of these single letters belong to three different groups.
  • Additional tip 2: Yen does not refer to currency here.

Link groups for July 5th

If you need an even bigger clue to understanding today’s conjunction puzzle, below we’ll reveal the four proper sets of Connections—the themes that tie together each group of four words in the Connection network.

Here are the Link sets for today:

  • commodity
  • magazine
  • Characters in relationship movies
  • Words that precede ‘Pop’ in music genres

Now that you know the themes for the different links in today’s puzzle, see if you can solve it! If not, check below for the full answer.

Spoiler alert! Today’s Links Answer is ahead!

Splash screen for Connections, a pun on the NYT website.

Image credit: NYT

What is the answer to Connections today (Friday 5 July)?

  • I want: Desire, tall, pine, yen
  • Magazine: Wealth, Madness, Nature, O
  • Characters in Bond films: Bond, M, Moneypenny, Q
  • Words that precede ‘Pop’ in music genres: Bubblegum, Euro, K, Power

Congratulations if you got today’s Links answer right, with or without the help of our helpful hints above! And if you didn’t succeed today, don’t worry – a new Connections puzzle is released every day at midnight, so you can try again tomorrow, just like with Wordle!

What is Links?

Connections is a word puzzle game published daily by the NYT, hosts of the wildly popular Wordle puzzle. Created daily by crossword creator Wyna Liu, Connections presents you with a selection of 16 seemingly different words and you must group them together into four groups of four, with each group of four having a theme of common.

For example, the words “Hook”, “Nana”, “Peter” and “Wendy” are all characters from Peter Pan. Or to take another example, “Action,” “Ballpark,” “Go,” and “Stick” are all words that usually come just before the word “Figure.”

It’s your job to figure out what these threads are that tie the different words together – but be careful, because many times there are red herring links put there deliberately to throw you off! To win the game, you must find all four Links without making 4 mistakes. On your fourth mistake, it’s game over and the answer is revealed automatically.

Each of the four groups in each day’s link puzzle is also assigned a different color, which indicates how easy or difficult it is to find the Link. These colors are: yellow (easiest), green (easy), blue (medium) and purple (hardest).

That concludes today’s guide on how to solve the NYT Connections word puzzle. If you’re looking for help with Wordle, we’ve also got you covered with our list of past Wordle answers, as well as Wordle hints and answers for Friday July 5th. You can also check out our list of the best Wordle starters, or use our Wordle Solver tool to help you find the answer with ease!

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